The white-label
digital carpet printing company

Originally founded as Maltzahn Carpet Innovation, M2 carpets has made a great transition over the last decades from a traditional carpet manufacturer, into a trendsetter in the industry: a white-label-digital-carpet-printing-company. Always committed to quality and service, M2carpets is a partner which you make a difference in the market. M2 Carpets itself does not carry a collection and therefore invests in long-term commitments with our customers.


What we do

We are experts in Digital Injection-dye carpets, or known as printed carpets. With our process color technology, each color is achieved from 16 unchanging basic colours. With digital printing, we fully penetrate the (high) pile on a “pixel-level” with 76dpi (30 pixel p cm) This technique only threats the fibre which has to be colored, which results in no waste of the waterbased dye.

It is the most environmentally friendly way of customization of carpet. In combination with print on demand and short lead time, only the necessary products are made and stock-positions kept to a minimum at our customers and therefore no potential waste.

What we do

Our process


“It’s all about the printfile” is our credo…

Designers have absolute artistic freedom when it comes to color and patterns. Every (photorealistic) design is possible. If requested, there is a colorbook available with 1500 basic-colors (RGB) which can be matched with other material colors in the total design of an area, like wallpaper and curtains.

When the design has been converted into a printfile, we are ready for the next step.

Find here the delivery specs for the printfile.


If the design is ready, it is time to impress your customer or internal organisation;

The design (printfile), will be uploaded in your designcloud. This is a personalized library where your collection and printfiles are kept safe. From here they can be send to the collector to start the ordering process.


If the sample gets your approval, the purchase process starts in your own digital production environment.

For projects you make the roll planning, requested production date etc. and give the factory the assignment to start production.

Or for Rugs you can choose the requested carpet quality and number of Rugs required.


To complete the look of your rug, our in-house finishing department will finish your RUG with a variety of colors, material and techniques such as blindhem, ribbon or overlock.


Our production facility in Nottuln is equipped with different state of the art printing techniques. We are equipped with a 400 and 200 cm wide Chromojet 800, suitable for 76 DPI Polyamide and Wool qualities. Our unique chromojet color management enables us to print high and low pile qualities that meets the standard of the contract market. The latest innovation is the 200 cm width Colaris technology. This printline is based on the CMYK colorspectrum and suitable for Polyamide and Polyester printing.

Design Service M2 Carpets

Design service

If you don’t have an inhouse design department, or not used to work with designers, we are there to help you out!

We’ll introduce one of our (technical)designers, which will help you to “translate” your idea into a design, collection or floorplan.

Even when you are used to work with external or inhouse designers, when desired, our people will train your staff from the start of the process with the do’s and don’ts of digital carpet printing and with the preparations of the print files.


We are aware of the environment and therefore upgrade our processes continiuously to meet the required standards. 90% of the water we use is sourced from our own ‘natural spring’. In this way we minimize the consumption from the communal waterpipes. Our dyes are certified with ‘AZO’ and ‘REACH’, waterbased and excluded from heavy metals. Therefore we don’t polute the sewers and can our water be recycled and filtered back to normal drinkingwater. Because of our innovative chromojet colormanagement we have 70% less waste of water than traditional printing techniques.

Energy management
The productionfacility is ISO 50001 certified. This means that we have our energy flows under control and ongoing update our processes to optimize our consumption of energy.

We only work with suppliers that meet the required environmental standards. Below you find the summary of certified labels of our product portfolio.

Eurofins Gold

The Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate is proof that our products comply with all the criteria pertaining to VOC emissions in the indoor environment in Europe. It also tells you something about the level of quality of our products and how they contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

Indoor Air Comfort Gold is an umbrella certification, which collects all the most relevant emission specifications and requirements in Europe under one certification. In short, the Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate proves that all our contractual qualities with textile or felt backings comply with everything that applies to VOC emissions in the indoor environment within Europe.


All our carpets for the contract market comply with BREEAM criteria with regards to VOC emissions, as all our contract products are Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified.

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognizes and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction to in-use and refurbishment.